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The 56th Annual
2019 Safety
Awards Banquet

will be held
March 26, 2018
at Club 86
in Geneva

See Photos from
previous banquets

CLICK HERE if you know someone who deserves to be recognized at the 2018 Safety Awards Banquet.
Corporate Sponsors:
     The Ontario County Safety Council is comprised of members from local businesses and organizations, as well as government agencies.  The Committee meets once a month on the first Wednesday at noon to discuss issues related to community safety and to recognize persons or organizations that have excelled in the area of safety.  The meetings usually are held to one hour and most time a lunch is provided by a sponsor.

     Anyone with an interest is encouraged to Contact the Safety Council to determine where the monthly meeting will be held, as they move from month to month around the Canandaigua area.
Current Committee Members
Chairman -  Mr. Sherman Manchester
 Ontario County
Vice Chair -  Ms. Lynnette Ward
 Ontario County Public Health
Secretary -  Christine Lotyczewski
 Ontario County
Treasurer -  Sgt. Don Feldman
 Canandaigua City Police
Member -  Ms. Sue Bennett
 Train to Save
Member -  Ms. Debbie Bowen
 Canandaigua City School District
Member -  Chief Robert Case
 Retired Canandaigua Fire Rescue
Member -  Suzanne L. Cirencione
 Ontario County - Stop DWI
Member -  Sgt. Tate Colburn
 Ontario County Sheriff's Office
Member -  Ms. Lindsey Dixon
 Canandaigua YMCA
Member -  Mr. Kevin Henderson
 Ontario County Coroner
Member -  Sgt. Ken Kehl
Member -  Mr. Kenny Kuek
 USA Masters Academy
Member -  Ms. Bonnie Maguire
Member -  Ms. Lisa Minns
 Community Member
Member -  Mr. Joseph Moriarty
Member -  Ms. Diane Moroz
 Veterans Administration
Member -  Sgt. Kevin Owens
Member -  Mr. Mike Rice
Member -  Ms. Donna Schaertl
 Safe Kids Finger Lakes
Member -  Mr. Holger Stave
 Coast Guard Auxillary
Member -  Mr. Dave Tuttle
 USA Masters Academy
Member -  Chief Matt Sproul
 Canandaigua Emergency Squad
Member -  Mr. William Wellman
 Ontario County
     There are also several sub-committees that meet at various times of the month or prior to the monthly meeting to discuss specific issues and bring them back to the entire committee. Involvement in the sub-committee is completely voluntary as well.
Past Chairpersons
1962-63 Harold Nowack
1963-64 Eleanor J. Carmichael
1965-66 Raymond F. Winship
1967-68 Richard E. Ogden
1969-70 Robert Beck
1970-71 Sgt. Dan Mergenthaler
1972-73 Roger Lamphier
1973-74 Sgt Dan Mergenthaler
1974-75 Ella F. Dunham
1975-76 Arden L. Collins
1976-77 Donald H. Spencer
1977-78 Richard E. Ogden
1978-79 Kathleen V. Caulkins
1979-81 Donald F. Barnes
1981-83 Barry F. Waggoner
1983-85 James M. Johnson
1985-87 Raymond W. Henry
1988-89 Gail Dorr
1989-91 Mark W. Snyder
1991-92 William Lawrence
1992-93 Terry Mansell
1993-95 Scott Goble
1995-97 Bob Case
1997-00 Jacquie Wilder
2000-01 Don Rice
2001-04 Jill Hotelling
2004-06 Ken Kehl
2006-09 Anne McFarland
2009-14 Ken Kehl
2014- Sherman Manchester
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